About Us

We are the team providing digital visiting cards and digital business cards to the small, medium, and as well as for large scale businesses mainly in India. Cardy established in 2020 with the mission of providing a digital presence for each and every small and medium scale business owner as well as for their business at a very affordable price.

why us



Our digital business card templates help you to choose the theme you want for your digital business card


As a professional, we have a wide variety of digital business card samples across many business domains


Our digital cards are pocket friendly with the monthly and annual packages


A layperson can access our simplified digital business card maker dashboard


Our award-winning technical support is available 24 X 7

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Our Mission

we might want to develop in each term of the most recent innovation and make such an environment for our customers. Our real accentuation goes to set up a framework that adjusts being most recent and propelled constantly. Our central goal is to accomplish a mentality that never surrenders the difficulties and emerging of the rivalries.